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It was as if he began then to contemplate what his presidential responsibilities would be, to appreciate the nature of what Donald Rumsfeld rightly called the long, hard slog in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the greater Middle East, anticipate the dangers of an Iranian nuclear weapon — which is almost sure to happen on Obama’s watch — and grasp the nature of the rise of China as a global great power.

Estranged allies and potential may be more willing to say nice things about Barack Obama — and the simple fact of his election and presidency reflects the urgent power of the American example to the world — but it is less likely that they will take the difficult steps needed to help police the planet.

As McGurn notes, both Obama and Biden opposed the surge on the grounds that it would only make the situation worse, and both subscribed to the view widely held among the press and the Democratic leadership that the war was lost — that the only thing to do was to retreat, even at the cost of genocide in Iraq.

The Somerset County Tribune-Democrat that late yesterday Svonavec and the Park Service reached an agreement, the essential terms of which are: (1) Svonavec will grant immediate access to the NPS so that construction can begin later this year; and (2) The Park Service will allow a court to determine the value of the land for Svonavec’s compensation.


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